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Bikini Wax



Our bikini wax involves removing hair on the side of the thighs, panty line, and navel.

Bikini Wax Process

what to expect

Know what to expect when you come in for a Bikini Wax at our salons. Here’s a brief overview:



You’ll meet your waxing specialist to discuss skin concerns and health.


hair removal

We’ll prep your skin and remove all hair as requested for your service.


clean up

We’ll clean up any wax residue and tell you about aftercare for healthy skin.

safe + effective

hyperallergenic wax

Got reactive or sensitive skin? No worries! ​At Femmi, we only use the best quality was that is hypoallergenic but also high performing. So, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for your skin.  Our products are safe for all skin types.

Results you can expect:

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