Wax & Spa Services

Revive your skin

Whether you’re looking few the perfect facial or hair removal service, we’ve got your back! Browse our wax and spa service below to find the perfect fit for you.


Arm Waxing

$30 – $56
Removing all unwanted hair from your arms.

Back Wax

Our bax wax involves removing all hair on the back.

Bikini Wax

Our bikini wax involves removing hair on the side of the thighs, panty line, and navel.

Brazilian Wax

Our brazilian waxing involves removing hair from your intimate area and derriere.

Chest Wax

Our chest waxing involves removing all unwanted hair from your chest.

Chin Wax

Our chin waxing involves removing all unwanted hair from your chin.

Derrière Wax

The derrière wax removes hair from your inner booty cheeks.

Essentials Bacial

$85 – $127
Image a facial, but for your back! This includes cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting any breakouts.

Essentials Facial

$76 – $118
Reset your skin with our Essentials Facial.

Inner Thigh Wax

Removing all unwanted hair from your inner thighs.

Leg Wax

$56 – $102
With our leg wax, wave bye-bye to unwanted leg hair.

Lip Wax

Lip wax includes removing hair from the upper lip.

Stomach Wax

Our stomach wax removes all unwanted tummy hair.

Underarm Wax

Our underarm wax removes unwanted hair from your armpits.


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