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Brow Tint

Add the perfect fullness and definition to your eyebrows with a brow tint.
Price: $30

Femmi Brow Tint

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Got thin or uneven brows? Not a problem! With a brow tint, we can add shape, define, and enhance the look of your natural brows. Plus not only do you get the tint, but we also include shaping as well. Book your next brow service and get the definition you crave.


In your service your brow tech will map your eyebrows and ensure you’re satisfied with the shape. Once approved, they’ll tint your eyebrows and clean it up with a brow wax (if applicable).
This treatment will tint your eyebrow hairs and skin. Typically, the results will last for up to 2-weeks. You can expect your eyebrow hairs to remain tinted for 7-14 days, and skin for up to 7 days. Results may vary based on your skin type.

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