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Brow Lamination

Sleek, gorgeous brows are attainable with brow lamination. Get the look, today!
Price: $65

Femmi Brow Lamination

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Whether your have thin / sparse brows or full eyebrows, a brow lamination will have you turning heads non-stop in the best way possible. Transform your look with a simple beauty service offering shape to your brows that complements your face.


Come in and get comfortable! The service does not take long but wee’ll laminate your eyebrows, then followup with a brow mapping and cleanup. We cleanup brows with either wax or tweezers depending on your preference. But overall, it is a pleasant experience!
Brow Lamination is the process of restructuring your eyebrow hairs, similar to using hair relaxer. The ingredients we use are safe to be used.

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